About us

Who are we?
We are a passionate group of people with many years of IT experience and expertise on IT Training and Certification, organizing seminars/webinars and other events (online and on site).
Why have we developed e-maild.com?
Having organized a series of events, both online and onsite, we are aware of the challenges anyone faces.
One of the most time-consuming tasks is to prepare the Certification that should be awarded to every participant, with his/her name on it and e-mail it at the e-mail address that was registered.
And when you have special language conditions (such as the ones you face in Greek language) that you need to work around in order to mass produce personalized Certificates, things can get trickier.
Well, we know all that, that’s why we developed e-maild.com.
What else have we done so far?
e-maild.com has been developed by the infolearn-TEST4U team.
TEST4U is a training software that allows people to cultivate their IT skills on their own, by performing tasks on the actual application to be learnt. The way of practicing is mostly with Live-in-the-application questions, instead of multiple-choice ones.
You can learn more about TEST4U by visiting the official TEST4U website www.test4u.eu.
Since 2003 more than 700 000 users have relied on TEST4U to reach their training and certification goals.
How do we guarantee the verification process?
Actually, we don’t. A third-party does so for us.
Third party verification is delivered by DIPLOMA Human Resources Certification Body, a Certification Body that complies with ISO 9001:2015 international standard, to ensure that all verification processes and all user relevant data are validated and true.