20 Certificates

  • To be consumed within 12 Months

500 Certificates

  • To be consumed within 12 Months

2000 Certificates

  • To be consumed within 12 Months

10000 Certificates

  • To be consumed within 12 Months

30000 Certificates

  • To be consumed within 12 Months

All plans include the following features 

  • Backgrounds, Frames and Objects Library. Ready-to-use Templates. Upload Custom Certificate Design

  • Upload Custom Images/Signatures

  • Greek Fonts and Greek Calligraphic Fonts

  • Personalized Certificates, Sex Field and Custom Fields

  • Preview the result. Save for future use

  • QR code

  • Verification

  • Custom e-mail templates, Custom e-mail sender and Custom e-mail reply address

  • E-mail resend, Track Certification view and Track Certification download

  • Sharing the Certificate on Social Media. Track sharing on Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter 

  • Event landing page, Event QR Code/link to automatically insert in the e-mail. Save the e-mail list

  • Test during/after the webinar

  • Webinar evaluation form

Features analytical description

Backgrounds Library
Frames Library
Objects Library
Ready-to-use Templates
Upload Custom Certificate Design
Customize your own Certificate, combining Backgrounds, Frames and Objects, just pick one of the ready-to-use Templates from the extensive Libraries of, or upload your own Custom Certificate Design.
Upload custom signature
Upload Custom Images/Signatures
We bet you want to include your signature and your brand on the Certificates that you will award.
You may also want to utilize an image you already have on your mind for the Certificates that you will give. gives you this option.

u may want to utilize an image you already have


Greek Fonts
Greek Calligraphic Fonts
Looking for an artistic touch for the Certificates that you will issue? includes many such Font options for the Latin languages, as well as for the hard-to-find Greek language.
Personalized Certificates
Gender Field
Custom Fields
Each Certificate has the name of the recipient on it and if you want to customize the text of the Certificate further, according to the recipient, you have the option to add up to 9 custom fields!
For instance, you may want to include the mark somebody achieved on a test.
e.g. Jane Doe achieved a passing score of 75% during the assessment.
In this case, Jane Doe (name field) achieved 75% (custom score field).   
Preview the result
Save for future use allows you to instantly preview your customization, so you will never guess how your Certificates look like.
You may save your work for a later date, or re-use the template you have designed and used in the past.
QR code
Increase the credibility of the Certificates that carry your brand name on them, by adding QR code for confirmation.
Any third party interested in checking the validity of the Certificate will use the QR code. allows you to setup an event confirmation page, where you will upload photos of the event and a brief description, for future reference and cross-checking.
QR code comes together with Verification.
Verification partners are legitimate and verified entities.
In order to protect our partners, the Certificate recipients and our good reputation, we verify the identity of each partner.
Once the partner is confirmed, the option to include a third-party verification is available. Third-party verification is provided by DIPLOMA Human Resources Certification Body and TEST4U.
This is how everybody is assured that every Certificate issued by has been issued on the verified partner’s demand, according to the list of participants.
Custom e-mail templates
Custom e-mail sender
Custom e-mail reply address facilitates your communication with your audience
Your audience will receive the custom e-mail that you will design, they will read your name in the sender field and you will be able to set your own reply address.
E-mail resend
Track Certification view
Track Certification download
Your recipients haven’t read the e-mail with the Certificate that you have sent them? Re-send it!
With you have a bird’s eye view when it comes to tracking the number of views and downloads of the Certificates.
Check your Analytics panel!
Sharing the Certificate on Social Media 
Track sharing on Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter 
Your audience will receive an e-mail with a link to view and download their custom Certificate.
There, they are encouraged to share it on the Social Media.
User Generated Content is the big hype this year. 
What’s even better? You have report on how the tracking went.
Let your audience become your voice. 
This is how becomes a marketing tool, to help you improve your brand awareness and leverage your presence on the Social Media.
Event landing page
Event QR Code/link to automatically insert in the e-mail
Save e-mail list
Have you thought about how you will gather your participant’s e-mails?
Well, gives you the option to create for free an event landing page, with the necessary fields that the participants need to fill in, in order to take part in your event. Use that list for this event and save it for future use and reference.
A QR Code and a link for the event landing page will help you spread the word.
Test during/after the webinar
If your event is not just informative, but involves gaining new skills, you have the option to deliver a test during or after the event, to decide who will get a Certificate of Completion instead of just a Certificate of Attendance.
Your test could be a mutliple-choice format test or it could even be a custom designed Live-in-the-app assessment! Never heard of that before?
Contact us for more details.
Webinar evaluation form
How will you improve?
We’d love to give you such piece of advice, but honestly, we don’t know how.
Your audience however, does. Give them the chance to provide you with valuable feedback on how they found your event and apply that insight to prepare an even better next event!
Contact us for more details.